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AdMarketing Australia is A Specialist Creative Marketing And Advertising Consultancy and Social Media Management Company.

The company was established in 2000 and focuses predominantly on assisting small and medium sized businesses (who may not have a full time or experienced Marketing Manager) to grow. AdMarketing Australia has done this, over and over again and has a proven track record of success.

AdMarketing Australia CEO and Founder Lars Halvorsen  is a passionate business, marketing advisor and strategist as well as a creative advertising professional and mentor for small and medium sized business owners and managers for over 40 years.

Lars has developed a successful strategic business model focused on researched strategy and defined target marketing.

All services as offered are included within a low monthly consultancy fee, which is less than what many businesses may pay for a full time junior marketing assistant.

For more detail about Lars Halvorsen’s career in Australia and also in the United States and Canada, and his scores of international awards for marketing excellence and outstanding Creative effectiveness – Please click here.

To arrange an appointment please email Les.Hall@AdMarketingAustralia.com.au or call on Lars direct line 0408-888-537

All initial appointments are absolutely free of charge and include a free brand assessment and target-profiling document.

Some Words From Our Clients

“Lars Halvorsen worked on every aspect of The Coffee Club’s marketing, advertising and promotions from 1991 until 2002 and was a very big part of the foundations of so much of our marketing. Lars created the category ownership brand campaign “Where Will I Meet You?” and he also created our positioning line “Good Food, Great Service, Excellent Coffee”. Lars Halvorsen or Les Hall as we knew him (and still do) is one of the very best creative marketing minds.”

Emmanuel Drivas, Emmanuel Kokoris and John Lazarou, Founding Directors - The Coffee Club

“When we first started working together we had no idea how much positive influence on the development of the Credit Union Australia brand and all of our marketing and advertising that Lars Halvorsen would bring to us, and how much growth we would experience in our 6 years of working together”

Graham Olrich, Former CEO Credit Union Australia

“Lars Halvorsen or Les Hall as he was known then was an enormous help to the MS Society of Australia and we are very grateful for his creative ideas and assistance in fund raising”

Ms. Karenlee Spillane, MS Society of Australia

“In every company, marketing and more importantly the RIGHT marketing is essential for success. Marketing efforts are ultimately measured in the success of the brand and its financial growth. The decision to appoint AdMarketing Australia CEO and Social Media Guru Lars Halvorsen has been an excellent decision for the continued growth of our company”

Tony Smith, Director – Visual Diversity Homes

“Couplertec is the Australian manufacturer of Couplertec Electronic Rust Proofing Systems. Our company appointed Lars Halvorsen more than 6 years ago to help us promote and market Couplertec systems to Australia and the world. Lars has a wealth of knowledge and creative marketing ability and been very successful in helping us grow”

Grant Taylor, General Manager – Couplertec

“He will always be Les to me, and I know he has changed his name back to Halvorsen, but he is a good man. A very good creative advertising man and worked on all of our TV commercials and catalogues for many years. I recommend him to anyone”

Seamus Sullivan, Ideal Electrical Suppliers

“Lars Halvorsen or Les Hall as he was known then was one of the first people appointed to help the Brisbane Broncos in every aspect of game day management, creative presentation and advertising for our sponsors when we were awarded the franchise in 1988. Lars worked with the Broncos in many creative capacities for 12 years – 1988-2000 and we are grateful for his creativity and knowledge”

John Ribot, Former CEO Brisbane Broncos

“RIB Force Inflatables is a Gold Coast based retailer of AB Inflatables, Aurora and Mercury Motors, I will always be grateful for the creative ideas and everything Lars does for us. His professionalism in every way including our TV Commercials is exceptional ”

Mike Orsmond, Director - RIB Force Inflatables

“Lars is one of the very best Creative thinking all round marketing professionals ever”

Tony Roberts, Managing Director – Freedom Retractable Screens

“Lars Halvorsen or Les Hall as he was at the time when we worked together is without doubt one of the rare creative all rounders. We worked together for more than 7 years producing television commercials and audio visual presentations for the world promoting Queensland”

Geoff Cox, Former Head of Film – Queensland Tourist and Travel Corporation

“Our company Australian Events appointed Lars Halvorsen to help and assist in the advertising and promotion of our many events in Queensland. Lars’ creative mind and the fact that he is always on top of the ever changing media landscape has been very valuable for our company and he has helped save us a lot of money too”

Graham Olrich, Former CEO Credit Union Australia

“Lars Halvorsen …or when he worked for us he was Les Hall was an extremely hard working creative marketing professional during a difficult time in our growth. As our Vice President of Marketing or General Manager of Marketing for all Flight Centre Brands in both the United States and Canada, Lars was a constant source of wonderful creative marketing strategies”

Ms. Andrea Slingsby, Former President Flight Centre Limited – USA and Canada

“Good honest creative mind. Very good in every way when it came to marketing for franchise brands”

Mr. Mike Best, Chief Franchise Officer – Retail Food Group

Lars has been working with us on our Social Media Marketing Strategy over the last several years. Lars has an exceptional amount of Knowledge and is always ready to guide us in the right direction. We would highly recommend Lars and AdMarketing Australia to everyone we know.

Lauren Perrow, Creative Ground

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We implement and execute our marketing strategy to get traffic to your business.


We test the marketing strategies we have put into place to get the right results.


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